"Triff dein Vorurteil!" – A Media Literacy Workshop for Students

The workshop "Triff dein Vorurteil!" ("Meet your prejudice!'') enables students to confront their own prejudices towards marginalised groups of people. What is it like to sit opposite a drag queen? What questions do I ask a wheelchair user without being hurtful?

For autumn 2021, we are looking for a Munich secondary school class of about 15 students aged 14 to 15 who would like to run the three-day workshop with us. In a practical, playful and yet well-founded way, students will discuss the topic of prejudice and learn interviewing techniques that they will apply in a conversation with their prejudice persona. The documented interviews are then published on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The students can share their impressions of the shoot and their collected background knowledge on the topic of prejudice in Instagram stories and exchange ideas with the online community.

The workshop encourages the young people to overcome their prejudices. They learn how to deal with social media in a reflective way and at the same time how to treat each other and their interview partners respectfully and without reservation.

Are you interested in taking part with your secondary school class?
Please get in touch with:
Kathi Seemann, DOK.education


Cooperation partners and sponsors

"Triff dein Vorurteil" is an interactive project initiated and led by Hilarija Locmele (HFF student) and Christina Schmideder (ProSinn - Visual Communication) in cooperation with DOK.education.
The project is supported by Netzwerk Interaktiv and DOK.fest Munich.




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