Donations for partner cinemas of DOK.fest Munich @home

Rio Kinos

City-Atelier Kinos

Neues Maxim


Since we unfortunately cannot use film houses as usual at the festival edition DOK.fest Munich @home. Already when you buy a ticket you can decide to donate 1 € to our partner cinemas and when you buy a festival pass 3 € of the amount will go to the cinemas. If you would like to support our partner cinemas RIO Filmpalast, City-Atelier Kinos or Neues Maxim more, you can do so via our bank details below. We will then forward your contribution to the cinemas. Please indicate in the purpose of the donation that it is one and to which cinema you would like to donate.

Stadtsparkasse München BLZ 701 500 00 Konto 78 766
IBAN: DE47 7015 0000 0000 0787 66, BIC: SSKMDEMM