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Since November 2022 you can find a new film every month in our online film library for the artistic feature-length documentary. In this way, we offer you a curated selection and bring relevant and outstanding international documentaries home to your digital screen, even outside of the festival period.
As with the festival, the aim is to thematically represent the great diversity of our society, always with the aim of giving a stage to high quality documentary filmmaking and powerful stories.
At the end of the month, with the release of each new film, the previous film of the month will be made permanently available in our film library. Be curious about the further films!


Our selection in November:


Germany 2022 – Directors: Markus Weinberg, Steffi Rostoski – Original version: German, Englisch, Spanish – Subtitles: German – Length: 105 min.

What should you do when the world suddenly stands still? For the extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann, there is only one answer: keep moving. During the pandemic, the multiple world record holder sets himself a new goal: to circumnavigate the globe, with Munich as his start and end point – swimming, biking and running – to complete the longest triathlon in the world.



Our selection in December:


Switzerland 2022 – Director: Susanne Regina Meures – Original version: German – Subtitles: English – Length: 98 min.

Leonie’s career on Instagram et al. is skyrocketing. Wherever she appears, mindless excitement breaks out among young girls. But the crazy life of an influencer comes with a cost for the teenager and her manager parents. And also for Leonie’s biggest fan, Melanie, who lives only in the social media world of her idol. An in-depth look into a parallel universe.


Our selection in January:


Germany 2020 – Directors: Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Johannes Kaltenhauser – Original version: German – Length: 86 min.

The band Dreiviertelblut around the two musicians Gerd Baumann and Sebastian Horn first appears to be a Bavarian phenomenon: they sing in dialect and the three-four time usually sets the rhythm. At second glance, however, it quickly becomes clear: this band, which tells of being and passing away in philosophical but also humorous lyrics, has nothing to do with folklore and marquee music.


Our selection in February:


Germany/Iran/US 2021 – Director: Sarvnaz Alambeigi – Original version: English, Farsi – Subtitles: German – Length: 80 min.

In Iran, dancing is forbidden – but some young people in Tehran are trying to teach themselves how to do it behind closed doors. They know hardly anything about the history of Iranian dance before the Revolution. Sarvnaz Alambeigi has discovered some rare film footage of the National Ballet from back then. How can someone bring together the old and the new generations of dance?


Our selection in March:


Germany 2021 – Director: Jannika Quaas – Original version: German – Subtitles: English – Length: 59 min.

Who actually represents us in the Bundestag? Nyke, Audrey and Lilli stand for election to make sure that it isn’t just men in suits. They are committed and polemical, get involved in debates and laboriously work their way through the system despite hate messages, sexism and racism in a political sphere that is still invariably dominated by men. Diversity is possible.


Our selection in April:


Libanon/US 2022 – Director: Rita Baghdadi – Original version: Arabisch, Englisch – Subtitles: Englisch – Length: 78 min.

On the outskirts of Beirut, Lilas and Shery, co-founders and guitarists of the first all-female metal band in the Middle East, wrestle with nothing less than the big issues: Empowerment, identity, sexuality and their friendship. They are united by the dream of playing thrash metal and becoming successful with it – but the opportunity to perform is rare. It's an arduous endeavour in Lebanon, a country struggling with unemployment, instability and the aftermath of war.



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