DOK.fest München joins in with the KulturPass

As of now, we are also offering the film programme of DOK.fest München to young adults with a KulturPass!

The Federal Government's KulturPass app has been offered to all 18-year-olds since mid-June © BKM


Exclusively for 18-year-olds: Come to the cinema for free! DOK.fest München is now also participating with the KulturPass!

With the KulturPass, 18-year-olds can take advantage of a variety of local cultural offers. When you register, you receive a budget of 200 euros, which you can use for concerts, visits to museums and theatres or to buy books and records – and also for visits to the cinema, e.g. as part of the DOK.fest München!

The International Documentary Film Festival Munich takes place every year in May with up to 130 exciting documentaries. Throughout the year, we show outstanding cinema documentaries in the DOK.aroundtheclock programme at various venues in the greater Munich area. Many of the events can be booked and attended with the KulturPass – check the websites of the cinemas and venues (e.g. Monopol Kino, City Kinos, schwere reiter, Einstein 28 and many more) to find out if the location is participating in the KulturPass.


  • Already 18 but not yet registered? You can register for the KulturPass of the Federal Government here:
  • You are a teacher and would like to make your pupils aware of the KulturPass offer? Download the information for young people to print out here.



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