The film programme of DOK.fest München. At the cinema. At home.

3 to 14 May 2023 at the Munich venues
8 to 21 May 2023 @home

As always, DOK.fest München opens the view out to the world: with 130 of the best and most current international documentaries from 55 countries. Our goal is the greatest possible participation in our films, which is why we bring them to the big screen in Munich cinemas as well as to home screens throughout Germany: DOK.fest stays dual.


Documentary material does not always have to be told in a 'closed' form and as a feature-length film: Serial formats are just as inspiring for insights into real life. In this new series, we present for the first time three documentary series dealing with life in the city, football and the monarchy.


In this section we present films in cooperation with selected partners from art, culture and society in Munich and beyond.

The educational programme of DOK.fest München considers itself a "school of seeing", which combines media literacy and cultural education. It is aimed at children, young people, families and schools.