Film lesen lernen: Behind the scenes of a documentary short film

Adult education at Münchner Volkshochschule with the documentary film SAFIYA – THE MOVIE

Following Valeria
SAFIYA – THE MOVIE, Huibert van Wijk, NL 2021


In the documentary film SAFIYA – THE MOVIE, Safiya realises her dream of becoming an actress and plays out her own story. The 12-year-olds parents are divorced. Her father has disappeared from her life. A circumstance that has caused Safiya a lot of grief. But her life has changed a lot recently: Safiyas mother has a new partner and Safiya now lives in a new bonus family” with him and his three children.

Safiya tells us her personal story with surprising ease. The narrative level of a script reading is skilfully interwoven with classic documentary moments and staged scenes in which Safiya re-enacts moments from her exciting life with her friends.


Director: Huibert van Wijk; camera: Freek Zonderland; editing: Augustine Huijsser; sound: Leleane Lindenaar, music: Thomas Goralski, production: Willemijn Cerutti, Cerutti Film.

German Voices: Anne-Marie Weisz, Frida Stegmüller, Denis Jagodic, Amelie Imlauer, Mona Klöckner, Director Voice-Over: Mona Klöckner, Mix: Ralph Bienzeisler, B.O.A. Videofilmkunst


Learning to read film: Behind the scenes of a short film

With SAFYIA – THE MOVIE, we take a look behind the scenes of a particularly artistic documentary film. Whether in the cinema, on TV or on streaming platforms: film plays a central role as a historically evolved art form with mass appeal. How films, and documentaries in particular, are read, how dramaturgy and montage affect the viewer, are crucial questions for a successful reception. Documentary films in particular are always about the exciting question of truth claims and authenticity.

We will watch the short documentary film together and discuss various ways of sharpening our view of how media represents reality. Maya Reichert, film education expert and head of, will lead the seminar.


Monday, 06 May 2024, 8pm–10pm
Einstein 28 Bildungszentrum der Münchner Volkshochschule
Einsteinstr. 28, Munich

The event is a cooperation between DOK.fest München and Münchner Volkshochschule. It will be held in German language.

Register here: Course number S249085
Cost: 8.00 euros


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