“We shouldn’t make political films but make films politically,” Jean-Luc Godard once said. The DOK.horizons section brings together such politically made films from countries in upheaval. The contributions take us to the heart of a young protest movement and tell of social change in an Algerian abbatoir. This cinema goes further than the daily news coverage that we are accustomed to. It dedicates itself to the people and topics beyond – or behind – the headlines: modern slaves in Lebanon and India; a Mexican netherworld of people trafficking and corruption; an Iranian womens’ jail; a self-governing psychiatric institution in the desert; refugee children. “To lose your memory is not so wrong,” says an 86 year-old protagonist who is slowly forgetting some horrific events. Her grand­ child has preserved the memory – for us.

The films are nominated for the DOK.horizons VIKTOR, funded by Petra Kelly Stiftung. The prize is worth EUR 3,000.

The films