DOK.tour Bayern 2023

Outstanding documentary films in cinemas across Bavaria from 09 November to 10 December 2023


Stepping out of the big city: DOK.fest München goes on tour through Bavaria and comes to your cinema!

With the DOK.tour we bring selected film highlights to the Bavarian region every year. In 2023 we present four special documentaries from this year's festival programme in 19 art house cinemas in all seven districts.

The films of the DOK.tour Bayern 2023


Does “eternal love” exist in the 21st century? When you see Eva and Dieter, you think: yes! The two have been a couple for almost 70 years. Together they have experienced ups and downs and always maintained respect and affection for each other. Now Eva is ill, it is time to take a look back – and prepare for the next step at the same time. Beautiful, intense, sad. A true love story.

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Stams is an Austrian winter sports training centre. Those who apply here want to get to the top. The film follows the young athletes over the course of a year: in training, in lessons, at competitions and dealing with the ever-present injuries. The school works as an organism for performance optimisation. Every day is about pushing personal boundaries. Fascinating and close to the limit.

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The Vienna music scene is full of great artists: Der Nino aus Wien, Voodoo Jürgens and EsRap, to name but a few. They are people who do not allow themselves to get sucked up by the mainstream and give themselves the space and the time that they need. This entertaining music documentary by Philipp Jedicke goes deep into the night and gives us a dazzling display of musical fireworks.

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Many people have become completely disconnected with the process of killing in which meat production originates. What does it mean for the people whose job it is to slaughter? And what impact does it have on us to face up to it? There are no ready-made answers. That is what we learn from this intelligent film that observes processes, listens and makes the meat-eating viewers step out of their comfort zone.

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Participating cinemas

The following cinemas are participating in the DOK.tour Bayern from 9 November to 10 December and show partly all four films, partly a selection:

For further information on the programme please visit the respective cinema websites.

On some screenings, the directors will also be present for film discussions.

Tickets are available in advance and at the box office of the cinemas.



Sponsors of the DOK.tour

DOK.tour Bayern is presented by Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR). We would like to thank the partners and sponsors of the DOK.tour:

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