DAE Talent Award

The award offers free memberships to the Documentary Association of Europe (DAE) for the director and producer of a project worth 200 € for one year, as well as tailor-made mentoring sessions with DAE members. The aim is to promote talent development.


Award winners

DAE Talent Award 2021: 8 TO 18 by Cosima Frei, production: Nadine Lüchinger 

Over a period of ten years we are acompanying a family with two sons. At birth, gender and identity are coherent for one of the sons, while the other is mistaken for a girl because of his feminine physical features. 8 TO 18 is a film about acceptance in the family and society, but above all about how one can accept and develop oneself, even if this means breaking down social norms.


DAE Talent Award 2020: AMALIE'S SHADOW by Esther Niemeier, Dirk Decker, production: Andrea Schütte, Dirk Decker

Amalie, the great-grandmother of director Esther Niemeier, was killed by the Nazis in a psychiatric hospital in 1941. Whether she was indeed mentally ill is uncertain. Her ex-husband had her committed after she divorced him. A woman with a mind of her own had to be crazy after all. Esther sets out on a cinematic quest for evidence.



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