Review and balance DOK.fest München @home 2020

Recap Clip: A review of 18 days of DOK.fest Munich @home


On Sunday, May 24th, the 35th DOK.fest München came to an end. We look back on 18 unforgettable festival days full of great cinema moments in your own living room.

That was DOK.fest München @home

The festival at home: At DOK.fest München @home 121 films from 42 countries were screened, 90 of them world or German premieres. A total of 14 prizes amounting to 55,000 euros were awarded. More than 75,000 spectators watched the films of DOK.fest Munich @home and the events of and The number of actual viewers of the online edition is probably even higher, as it is not possible to determine how many people were sitting in front of the screens at any one time.

But "not only the numbers are overwhelming", says festival director Daniel Sponsel, "but also the support of our partners and the feedback of our viewers. It was received incredibly positively that we organised the festival despite the difficult circumstances. In this way, we have been able to give many people the opportunity to see these outstanding films". @home

The industry platform online was also a great success: around 170 experts and participants took part in the co-production market with projects in the development stage. More than 700 filmmakers from all over the world attended the online workshops and discussions. The positive response shows how important it is to make training and networking possible - more than ever in these difficult times. @home

The children and youth programme also celebrated a new audience record with 3,000 viewers online. The online documentary film school was particularly successful: over 300 teachers requested the three video seminars for their classes, and so far over 2,600 pupils have already seen them.


Thank you for a wonderful online festival!

A very special thanks goes to all our sponsors, partners and filmmakers as well as to our audience! You have made it possible that the festival did not have to be cancelled this year, but could take place in a new and forward-looking form.


Outlook for the 36th DOK.fest München

The online edition will change DOK.fest München: For next year we are of course planning another festival on the big screen, but we would like to take a piece of this online edition with us. So you can look forward to the 36th DOK.fest München from May 5th to 16th 2021!