Isabelle Bertolone

Producer (Trimafilm)

Isabelle Bertolone, born 1990, studied production and media business at the HFF Munich. Her documentary film NADESHDA (by Anna Ewert and Falk Müller), was awarded the German Human Rights Film Award in 2014, A PERFECT PLACE (Anatol Schuster) received the Dialogue en Perspective Award at Berlinale 2015. Her graduation film AIR (Anatol Schuster) was nominated for the FIRST STEPS Award 2017, the documentary series SOONER OR LATER (Pauline Roenneberg) has been awarded the FIRST STEPS Award 2018 as well as the Megaherz Student Award. RULES OF THE ASSEMBLY LINE, AT HIGH SPEED (Yulia Lokshina) received, among others, the Max Ophüls Award and the German Film Critics Association Award 2021. Isabelle works as a producer at Munich based Trimafilm.

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