BY+QC Doc CoPro – Training initiative Bavaria-Quebec

Call for coproduction projects for emerging documentary producers both in Bavaria and Quebec

For your application please use the general submission platform of Marketplace.
The deadline is 1st February, 2021. All regulations can be found here.

Training initiative Bavaria-Quebec

Together with Forum RIDM, the industry platform of Montreal International Documentary Festival, Munich reissues the successful two-year programme. Three emerging producers from from Bavaria and three from Quebec have the opportunity to work together on new co-productions on both sides of the Atlantic and will be provided with a new network of collaborators, training, masterclasses, individual mentorship and networking events.


Training session during 2019


Objectives of BY+QC Doc CoPro

  • Improve understanding of coproduction
  • Help develop projects that will continue to build commercial and creative bridges between Bavaria and Quebec
  • Prepare and train emerging producers in documentary (linear, interactive and virtual reality) for international coproduction
  • Foster new collaborations between Bavaria-based and Quebec-based emerging producers that might translate in coproduction projects
  • Allow emerging producers to connect with potential collaborators and financiers, bring projects to market, getting financed and find an audience
  • Provide in-depth practical knowledge of the international coproduction landscape, as well as a better understanding of the producer’s role in a globalized market
  • Encourage cultural exchanges, best practices and format


Timeline and activities

In a two-year timeframe (May 2021 to December 2022), three producers each from Bavaria and Quebec will be offered a comprehensive program of training and networking activities. The four program units are held alternately between München and Forum RIDM in Montreal. The kick-off event will take place in May 2021 at Marketplace. The program includes:

  • Joint workshops and masterclasses with a focus on coproduction, covering both the very practical side (budget, tax credits, treaty rules, etc.) and the creative side (creative producing, decision making, impact producing, creative split scenarios)
  • Presentations by decision makers present on site during the four festival stays, including individual mentoring sessions for each project
  • One-to-One Meetings at each event and pitching sessions to the end of the training
  • Accreditations and access to all activities during the four events and their networking activities
  • Online participation in both events in 2021, international transport and accommodation covered for both events in 2022
  • Joint preparation, follow-up sessions and individual support of the Marketplace and Forum RIDM team


Participation conditions (Bavaria)

We invite all producers based in Bavaria to apply with documentary film projects (linear, series, interactive or VR) who:

  • have at least three years of experience in documentary production and have produced at least one documentary for cinema, TV or platforms
  • have not yet officially coproduced internationally or international coproduction experience
  • have at least one project with Canadian coproduction and international broadcast potential and/or want to collaborate in Canadian co-production projects in development
  • are available at the following dates: München 2021: 5th to 10th May 2021, participation presumably online
    Forum RIDM: mid November 2021: exact date tba, participation presumably online München 2022: Early May 2022 - exact date tba, participation presumably on-location
    Forum RIDM: Mid November 2022 - exact date tba, participation presumably on-location


About Forum RIDM

Organised as part of the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), and founded in collaboration with DOC Québec, Forum RIDM offers an intensive program of professional workshops, lectures and roundtables that focus on training, discussion and sharing of knowledge among the various players in the industry.As a networking platform, Forum RIDM offers business meetings that encourage the development of partnerships, help get new projects off the ground and promote sales. Every year, the event, attended by the most influential decision-makers in the industry, draws over 400 professionals interested in innovative projects and the issues currently facing documentary makers.



Sina Weber, Head of Marketplace,

Retrospect first training initiative 2018 to 2020

Feedback from participants:

Thomas Herberth:
“Das QC+BY Programm war für uns als junge bayrische Produktionsfirma mit Fokus auf den Kinodokumentarfilm ein Schlüsselereignis der letzten zwei Jahre. Unser Projekt „Wanderjahre“ über die Kochweltmeisterin aus dem bayrischen Murnau haben wir in diesem Programm zur Drehreife entwickelt und wird nun als unsere erste internationale Koproduktion realisiert. Auch wenn wir in diesem Fall keinen kanadischen Partner mit an Board haben, hat uns das QC+BY Programm nicht nur die Augen geöffnet, wie die kanadische und nordamerikanische Markt im Dokumentarfilm funktioniert, sondern wir haben langfristige Partner in Montreal kennen gelernt mit denen die feste Übereinkunft besteht, in Zukunft gemeinsame Projekte zu realisieren. Dieses gewachsene Vertrauen und gegenseitige Verständnis aufzubauen, ist einmalig und nur durch ein solches Programm überhaupt möglich. Ich bin für diese Möglichkeit extrem dankbar und wünsche auch nachkommenden, vielversprechenden ProduzentInnen diese Möglichkeit.“

Alexander Krötsch:
"It gave me the opportunity to present my project and meet upcoming Canadian producers to work with. It helped me to improve on my pitch and to get feedback on my presentation by professionals. I experienced the event as very helpful and inspiring.”

Martin Schwimmer:
“The program not only helped to extend our network, but also gave a great insight not only in Co-Producing with Canada, but also in the Canadian broadcasting and funding-system as well as international coproducing in general. Also it was a good chance to exchange ideas and experiances with other emerging producers from our own country.”


Participants and projects of QC+BY Doc Co-Pro 2018 to 2020


PLAN B - WE'RE BOUND TO STAY ON EARTH, producer: Alexander Krötsch, company: schöne neue Filme WANDERJAHRE / SHE CHEF, producer: Thomas Herberth, company: HORSE&FRUITS HOMO EX MACHINA, producer: Martin Schwimmer, company: DOMAR film GmbH, photo credit: ETH Zurich



DEEP INSIDE HUMANITY, producer: Mélanie Carrier & Olivier Higgins, company: Mö Films BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, producer: Charles Menher, company: Prince Médias NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, producer: Eric Ruel & Guylaine Maroist, company: Productions de la Ruelle