Preamble to the dual festival edition 2022


Daniel Sponsel and Adele Kohout in Munich's Creative Quarter


DOK.fest München: When, if not now?

As the largest and most important festival for documentary films in Germany, we see it as our task and responsibility to communicate a relevant documentary film programme to a broad audience and make it accessible. In doing so, we feel equally connected and committed to the films and our audience.


The film programme: Power to the People.

Our programme is multi-layered in form and content, yet socially relevant and artistically valuable. We see documentary film as an important cultural asset that uses cinematic aesthetics to negotiate values and invite dialogue on a social, personal and artistic level. Documentary film is the art of the hour. For the authors, directors and distributors of the films, we are a committed and reliable mediator and a relevant platform that generates both reach and attention as well as revenue.


The dual presentation: In the cinema. At home.

We curate for audiences that are diverse in every sense and make the films comprehensively accessible through dual presentation in public spaces on the cinema screen and in private on the digital screen. Our ultimate goal is collective participation in our films, both in Munich cinemas and at home. The integration into a high-quality supporting programme, the regular pay barrier and the time and place limitation give the films of DOK.fest Munich an exclusive festival setting online as well.

Welcome to the first dual DOK.fest München!


Daniel Sponsel & Adele Kohout
Festival Management