Pitch Award 2016

Award Winner 2016: MY JEWROVISION by Walter Solon 

Extract from the jury decision:

For his film, Walter Solon takes on two challenges: first he wants to document an extraordinary music competition that has been organised for 15 years in Jewish communities across
Germany: “JEWROVISION.” At the same time he wants to found a new community himself that will take part in the competition with a critical musical contribution: “MY Jewrovision.”
We anticipate an indiosyncratic, complex film that offers a deep insight into Jewish culture in today’s Germany and at the same time playfully challenges structures of power.


Special Mention: WUNSCHKIND by Sonja Kessler 

Extract from the jury decision:

With her film project Sonja Kessler broaches the issue of lesbian couples’ desire to have babies and the resistance that accompanies this from a consistently personal perspective that goes far beyond a purely topic-driven examination.


Anne-Kathrin Brinkmann, ZDF/ARTE
Petra Felber, BR
Gudrun Hanke El-Ghomri, SWR
Volker Heise, zero one
Jutta Krug, WDR
Catherine Le Goff, ARTE
Dorothee Martin, MFG Medienförderung Baden-Württemberg
Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, Lichtblick Film
Aline Schmid, Beauvoir Films
Beate Thalberg, ORF
Armin Toerkell, Megaherz
Claudia Tronnier, ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Ralph Wieser, Mischief Films 

Sponsored by Haus des Dokumentarfilms Stuttgart, worth 2,500 Euro