Italy 2019 – Director: Andrea Segre – Original language: Bengali, Italian, Romanian – Subtitles: English

Disused manufacturing facilities, open-plan offices and the last trattorias. In the Marghera district life takes place at a distance from the Venice that the tourists experience. In short episodes IL PIANETA IN MARE shows what has become of the industrial dream since the start of the 20th century.

English/Original Title: INDUSTRIAL VENICE. Writer: Andrea Segre, Gianfranco Bettin. Camera: Matteo Calore. Sound: Alberto Cagol, Riccardo Spagnol. Editing: Chiara Russo. Music: Sergio Marchesini. Production: ZaLab Film srl. Producer: ZaLab Film srl. Length: 90 min.


The Italian film director Andrea Segre has been making documentaries and feature films for cinema and TV since 2004. He also conducts research in the field of communication sociology and is the founder of "ZaLab", an association of filmmakers and social workers for the production, distribution and promotion of socially critical documentary works and cultural projects.



IBI, IT 2017, 64 Min.
LA PRIMA NEVE, IT 2013, 105 Min.
INDEBITO, IT 2012, 84 Min.

#Human Animal Machine #System critics and new visions

DOK.panorama 2020
  • Saturday
    Live Q&A with Andrea Segre

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