Switzerland 2021 – Director: Ueli Meier – Original language: German, Swiss German – Subtitles: French, German, None

“The Sky is Blue. I am too” The brilliantly funny Schwabing diaries of the Swiss author Walter Rufer recount his time in Munich and his ineffective quest for recognition as an artist at the time. What kind of life lies behind this work?

We present the World Premiere of the film.

The subtitles are selectable in the audio settings of the video.

No youth rating

Writer: Ueli Meier. Camera: Ueli Meier, Simon Wottreng. Sound: Dieter Lengacher. Editing: Annette Brütsch. Music: Christian Brantschen. Production: Sihlfeld Film. Producer: Ueli Meier. Length: 78 min.


Ueli Meier

From 1977 to 1980 Ueli Meier completed an apprenticeship as a photographer in Zurich. Since then he has worked as a freelance photojournalist, director, cameraman and scriptwriter of documentary films.


TIBI AND HIS MOTHERS, CH 2013, 75 min.
THE LAST NAVIGATOR, CH 2004, 42 min.
THE BUCKS IN HOLLAND, CH 1981, 65 min.

Münchner Premieren

Munich is the home of the filmmakers whose works are collected in this series. But time and again, the gaze also wanders far beyond the city's borders.

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