Hungary 2020 – Director: Barna László – Original language: Hungarian, Romanian – Subtitles: English

Csángáló is a violinist in the world-famous Gypsy band Szászcsávás. He plays his music at weddings and funerals in his Transylvanian village. When he becomes ill with Parkinson’s, it is not only his career but an entire musical tradition that is at stake.

We present the International Premiere of the film.

No youth rating

English/Original Title: ISTENI KÉZ. Writer: Ágnes Sós, András Petróczi JR.. Camera: Barna László. Sound: András Pongor, Csongor László. Editing: Szabolcs Olivér Kővári, András Petróczi JR.. Music: Milán Hodován. Production: DokuArt BT. Producer: Ágnes Sós. Length: 71 min.


Barna László

Since his studies at Sapientia University in Cluj, Transylvania, László has made short films, animations and short documentaries. He took the documentary master course at Dunaversitas University in Budapest and was part of three film camps. He attended the Theatre and Film University in Budapest for five months. With UNDER ICE he presented his graduation film in 2014. HANDS OF GOD is his first feature-length documentary film.


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