Denmark, Norway, Sweden 2019 – Director: Louise Detlefsen, Louise Unmack Kjeldsen – Original language: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish – Subtitles: English

Helene, Marte, Wilde and Pauline are fat and spent most of their youth fighting against their weight. Enough! As Body positivity activists they fight for more acceptance and diversity. Their message: All bodies are good bodies!

We present the German premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2020 @home.


Camera: Sine Vadstrup Brooker. Sound: Svenn Jakobsen. Editing: Steen Johannessen, Marie-Louise Bordingaard. Music: Jenny Wilson. Production: Hansen & Pedersen Film og Fjernsyn. Producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen. Length: 86 min.



Louise Detlefsen graduated from the Danish School of Journalism in 1996. She workes as a scriptwriter, director and cinematographer.

Louise Unmack Kjeldsen graduated from the Danish School of Journalism in 1997. She has directed a number of documentaries for Danish television, often together with Louise Detlefsen.


Louise Detlefsen

QUEEN OF HEARTS, DK 2018, 86 min.
LOVEBIRDS, DK 2014, 60 min.

Louise Unmack Kjeldsen

FORSØGET, DK 2014, 56 min.
A DAMN YEAR, DK 2012, 54 min.


#System critics and new visions #Northern Europe #A hero's journey

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