Netherlands 2020 – Director: Michiel van Erp – Original language: Dutch, English – Subtitles: English

Visit the digital exhibition ERWIN OLAF. UNHEIMLICH SCHÖN. by Kunsthalle München:

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The award-winning Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf contemplates his life and artistic work. Will what he produces have a value in the future? A sensitive film about a fascinating artist.


Production: De Familie Film & TV. Producer: Monique Busman. Length: 76 min. International Sales: CAT&DOCS


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Dutchman Michiel van Erp has worked as an actor, writer, theatre and film director and producer since the 1980s. In 2003 he founded the film and television production company De Familie Film & TV, with which he realises TV series formats.


I.M., NL 2020, 4-part TV series
MH17: A Nation's Grief, NL/UA 2016, 71 min.
I AM A WOMEN NOW, NL 2011, 80 min.


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Digital exhibition from Kunsthalle München

Visit the digital exhibition ERWIN OLAF. UNHEIMLICH SCHÖN. Presented at the Kunsthalle München from 14 May to 26 September 2021.

Kunsthalle München



#The art of living: sculpture, theatre, music, dance, photography #France and Benelux

DOK.panorama 2021

Visit the digital exhibition ERWIN OLAF. UNHEIMLICH SCHÖN. by Kunsthalle München:

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