Germany 2020 – Director: Jonas Heldt – Original language: English, German, Hungarian, Turkish – Subtitles: English, German

What does the future of work look like? By means of two cleverly compiled portraits Jonas Heldt asks one of the great questions. AUTOMOTIVE evaluates the flagship of German industry. A film that is as clever as it is funny.

Camera: Jonas Heldt, Pius Neumaier, Joe Brugger. Sound: Philip Hutter. Editing: Miriam Märk, Frank Müller, Jonas Heldt. Music: Philip Hutter. Production: MOTEL Film, NEOS Film. In Zusammenarbeit: Edgar Reitz Filmstiftung, HFF München. Producer: Jonas Heldt, Christoph Menardi, Torben Struck, Sabrina Kleder. Length: 79 min.


Growing up in a village with 800 inhabitants, Jonas Heldt was drawn to the big city to study at the Berlin Free University. He then studied at University of the Arts to study experimental media design. After an assistant at the group "Rimini Protokoll" he studied at the University of Television and Film Munich.


TRACKERS, DE 2018, 25 min.
HINTERWELTEN, DE 2014, 46 min.
STATION / PATHOLOGY, DE 2013, 20 min.



For FFF Talent Award Documentary Film (endowed with 5,000 Euros, sponsored by FFF Bayern)



#Human Animal Machine #System critics and new visions #Nominees Talent Award of FFF Bayern #Films with German subtitles

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