Homage Heidi Specogna


Deutschland, Schweiz 2011 – Director: Heidi Specogna – Original with German subtitles

Shedding light on what otherwise remains unspeakable. Specogna accompanies the International Criminal Court investigators in The Hague as they work on the trial against the Congolese militia leader Jean-Pierre Bemba, who is being called to account for the systematic rape and pillaging carried out by his troops in Central Africa in 2002/3. Helga-Mari Steininger


Writer: Heidi Specogna. Camera: Johann Feindt/Thomas Keller. Sound: Thomas Lüdemann, Bernd von Bassewitz, Dieter Meyer. Editing: Anne Fabini. Production: PS Film / Specogna Film, WDR/ARTE/SF/SRG SSR idée suisse. Producer: Peter Spoerri. Length: 91 min.

  • Saturday
  • 20:30
  • HFF - Kino 2