Deutschland, Frankreich 2022 – Director: Alain Gomis – OmeU

​​In December 1969 the jazz musician Thelonious Monk was filmed before a concert in Paris by a crew from French television – and found himself confronted by distressing repetition and stereotypes. What did Monk do? He gave a taciturn response, held his peace – and played the piano. Archive footage shows a sensitive and exceptional artist and a person who lives entirely for his music. Monika Haas


Sound: Matthieu DENIAU. Editing: Alain GOMIS. Music: THELONIOUS S. MONK. Production: Andolfi, Sphere Films. Producer: Arnaud Dommerc. Length: 65 min. International Sales: Andolfi / Sphere Films in association with The Party Film Sales Distribution: Die Gesellschaft DGS.

  • Friday
  • 21:00
  • Neues Rottmann