Italien 2021 – Director: Katia Bernardi – Original with English subtitles, Q&A with Katia Bernardi (Director)

At the peak of her career, Susanna Tamaro, one of the most widely read Italian authors of all time, is withdrawing from public life. The emotions that she effortlessly juggles in her stories pose challenges for her in reality. An intimate and liberating insight into a life beyond the flurry of camera flashes. Anne Thomé

We present the international premiere of the film.


Writer: Katia Bernardi. Production: GA&A Productions. Producer: Gioia Avvantaggiato. Length: 73 min. International Sales: GA&A Productions s.r.l. Distribution: GA&A Productions s.r.l..

  • Saturday
  • 21:00
  • Deutsches Theater Silbersaal