Mexiko 2022 – Director: Carlos Hernández Vázquez – Original with English subtitles

Every year thousands of minors from Latin America send asylum applications to the USA. The children and young people often travel long distances unaccompanied across the continent only to wait for months for a decision in one of the Mexican border towns. A hostel in Tijuana, run by a dedicated team, offers them care and support. Pablo Bücheler

We present the world premiere of the film.


English/Original Title: FAR AWAY FROM HOME. Writer: Carlos Hernández Vázquez, Pedro G. García, Luis Montalvo. Camera: Luis Montalvo. Sound: Liliana Villaseñor, Axel Muñoz, Jose Miguel Enríquez. Editing: Pedro G. García. Music: Carlo Ayhon. Production: Mandarina Cine, Media Mac. Producer: Gabriela Gavica, Carlos Hernández Vázquez. Length: 81 min. International Sales: FREAK Agency.

  • Monday
  • 21:00
  • Atelier 1