Student Award


Deutschland, Äthiopien 2021 – Director: Sarah Noa Bozenhardt, Daniel Abate Tilahun – Original with English subtitles

A portrait of Ethiopian obstetrics in transition. Despite the possibility of giving birth in a hospital, Hulu opts for a home birth for her fourth child. This is a brave step since patriarchal structures still hold power. Intimately and with great empathy, the film depicts the significance of female community. Andrea Erja


English/Original Title: AMONG US WOMEN በኛ በሴቶች መካከል. Writer: Sarah Noa Bozenhardt. Camera: Bernarda Cornejo. Sound: Alexandra Praet. Editing: Andrea Muñoz. Music: Anna-Marlene Bicking. Production: Evolution Film. Producer: Sonja Kilbertus. Length: 93 min.

  • Thursday
  • 20:30
  • Rio 2