Africa: African Encounters


Südafrika, Finnland 2022 – Director: Shameela Seedat – Original with English subtitles

Every year over a hundred law students from across Africa gather for the prestigious African Human Rights Moot Competition. This year, the rights of refugees on the continent will be debated in a simulated court hearing at the African Court of Human Rights. The next generation of the legal elite in Africa shows what it is capable of. Barbara Off

We present the European premiere of the film.


Writer: Shameela Seedat. Production: STEPS, Tuffi Films, Undercurrent Film & Television. Producer: S. Seedat, F. Verster, D. Edkins, T. Mungwe, J. Lopponen, V. Hellstedt. Length: 85 min. International Sales: STEPS

  • Friday
  • 18:00
  • City 2