Germany 2022 – Director: Heiko Aufdermauer, Johannes Girke – English subtitles, Q&A with Heiko Aufdermauer, Johannes Girke (directors))

Sophie and Dominik’s love story takes place on the streets. The two young people sleep in doorways, roam around Berlin and hang out with friends. But a shadow looms over them: Dominik faces a prison sentence. When Sophie falls pregnant, the couple long for their own place to live. Epic and incredibly intimate without passing judgement. Ysabel Fantou


Camera: Johannes Girke, Heiko Aufdermauer, Victoire Bonin. Sound: Marcel Dadalto, Maria Miasoedova. Editing: Johannes Girke, Heiko Aufdermauer. Production: SILENTFILM Filmproduktion. Producer: Heiko Aufdermauer. Length: 86 min. International Sales: SILENTFILM Filmproduktion. Distribution: SILENTFILM Filmproduktion

  • Friday
  • 20:30
  • HFF - Audimax