Israel 2021 – Director: Tomer Heymann – Original with English subtitles

“I’m a normal person. I’m not all the labels you put on me. I am not.” Oren’s labels are Asperger’s and adoptee. He was born in Guatemala and adopted by Israeli parents. The film accompanies him as he travels to his native country in search of his identity. We see his world; he tells us his thoughts and his feelings and lets us get a sense of who he really is. Katharina Dolles

We present the German premiere of the film.


Camera: Itai Raziel, Oren Levy. Sound: Itzik Cohen. Editing: Yaniv Segalovich. Music: Matan Daskal. Production: Heymann Brothers Films. Producer: Barak Heymann. Length: 96 min. International Sales: Heymann Brothers Films

  • Saturday
  • 18:30
  • HFF - Audimax