Live Q&A

guest: Andrea Segre (Director)


We are happy to offer you a Live Q&A with filmmakers from our programme on every day from May 7th to 17th. On May 16th, 2020 we will talk to Andrea Segre, director of IL PIANETA IN MARE.

The interview will last about 60 minutes.


Italien 2019 – Director: Andrea Segre – Live Q&A with Andrea Segre

Disused manufacturing facilities, open-plan offices and the last trattorias. In the Marghera district life takes place at a distance from the Venice that the tourists experience. In short episodes IL PIANETA IN MARE shows what has become of the industrial dream since the start of the 20th century.

English/Original Title: INDUSTRIAL VENICE. Writer: Andrea Segre, Gianfranco Bettin. Camera: Matteo Calore. Sound: Alberto Cagol, Riccardo Spagnol. Editing: Chiara Russo. Music: Sergio Marchesini. Production: ZaLab Film srl. Producer: ZaLab Film srl. Length: 90 min.

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