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Brazil 2018 – Director: Felipe Nepomuceno – Original with English subtitles

The Uruguayan writer, journalist and essayist, Eduardo Galeano, played a vital role in the historical analysis of Latin America’s dictatorships. In this portrait he speaks about existence and the things that give the world meaning. A cinematic embrace of his life’s work.

Writer: Felipe Nepomuceno. Camera: Breno Cunha, Pedro von Kruger, Lula Carvalho, Guga Millet, Walter Carvalho. Sound: Evandro Lima, Bernardo Gebara. Editing: Felipe Nepomuceno. Music: Marcos Nimrichter. Production: Nepomuceno Filmes. Producer: Tereza Alvarez. Length: 70 min.

  • Sunday
  • 14:00
  • Neues Maxim