Student Award

Touchscreen is a word that can be understood as an invitation: Come on, Touch me! This apparently simple, ubiquitous tool connects us to the world. Yet there is a place where we do not touch the screen. Following unwritten rules, we take our seats, keep quiet and sur­render our emotions within the space and for the duration of the film that is about to start. Welcome to the cinema. The films submitted in 2019 for the Student Award made one thing clear: here is a generation that captures the screen with a fresh and radical take on the world. The filmmakers want to tell us their stories in the semi-darkness of the auditorium. There are the epic dramas that transcend boundaries and the delicate observations that lead us to redefine the world in the small and the everyday. The screen becomes a laborato­ry: welcome to the cinema. Jan Sebening


Deutschland, Kolumbien 2019 – Director: Yves Itzek, Milosz Zmiejewski, Oscar Diaz – including Q&A

“Unfortunately, that’s just how it is: the world consists of those who work and those who profit from the work of others.” A mine in Columbia: a man’s world ruled by hard work and gold. Here, in this pitch-black labyrinth, the dark heart of our globalised economy beats.

English/Original Title: THE WEIGHT OF GOLD. German title: DAS GEWICHT DES GOLDES. Writer: Yves Itzek. Camera: Yves Itzek. Sound: Oscar Diaz. Editing: Yves Itzek. Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. Producer: Yves Itzek. Length: 30 min.


Italien 2017 – Director: Nika Šaravanja – Original language: Spanish, Italian, English – Subtitles: English

Have you ever been in the jungle? At night? David Monnacchi, a “field recorder,” eco activist and composer takes us along on an expedition. Here we get to experience what the last untouched areas of the rainforest sound like. Alarming? Magic!

Co-Director: Alessandro d'Emilia. Camera: Alessandro d'Emilia. Sound: David Monacchi. Editing: Otis Buri. Music: Corrado Fantoni, David Monacchi. Production: ZeLIG – School for Documentary, Television and New Media. Producer: Heidi Gronauer, Lorenzo Paccagnella. Length: 62 min.

  • Friday
  • 20:00
  • HFF - Kino 1