Best of Fests

Bees buzz in rocky crevices in Macedonia, Slovenian forests whisper of brutal rulers and secret resistance. An Israeli asks painful questions, a Somalian dances her way through Hungarian etiquette. (Self) experiments in trauma therapy in Norway and Finland meet gender identities beyond the binary world – and Danish fishermen marry Thai women. Innovative cinema and intimate insights, great stories and classic tales, discoveries and masterpieces: in the BEST OF FESTS section, we bring together films that have already been shown at other important festivals, winning acclaim or significant prizes. From a total of 21 films, nine of them are being screened in Germany for the first time. Julia Teichmann


Ungarn 2018 – Director: Dorottya Zurbó – Original with english subtitles

17-year-old Kafia has fled Somalia and is stranded in Hungary. There she tries to take control of her life and adapt to the rules of a new culture without losing her identity. But it is anything but easy.


English/Original Title: KÖNNYU LECKÉK. Camera: Natasha Pavlovskaya. Sound: Rudolf Várhegyi. Editing: Péter Sass. Music: Ádám Balázs. Production: Éclipse Film. Producer: Julianna Ugrin. Length: 78 min. International Sales: Syndicado Film Sales

  • Thursday
  • 19:00
  • Neues Maxim