Germany 2016 – Director: Stefan Eberlein – Original language: Russian – Subtitles: English

A penal colony in Russia where stagnation is enforced arbitrarily by the authorities. All that the thousands of prisoners here have to comfort them as they serve their time is singing in front of a mass audience. Stefan Eberlein gives them a voice – and breaks open the chains of their anonymity.




English/Original Title: A TALE OF SINGERS AND MURDERERS. Writer: Stefan Eberlein. Camera: Denis Klebleev, Manuel Fenn. Sound: Sorin Apostol. Editing: Ulrike Tortora. Music: Gregor Hübner. Production: Filmbüro Süd. Producer: Stefan Eberlein. Length: 87 min. International Sales: Newdoc.

#Music #Society, Education, Inclusion #Eastern Europa / Russia