Germany 2016 – Director: Friedrich Rackwitz – Original language: German

How is the news actually made? A large amount of it originates in the German press agency, Deutsche Presse-Agentur. The film takes us into the agency’s open plan offices, to daily meetings and nightly calls, to training sessions and interviews. This is how the news is made.

English/Original Title: NOISE. Writer: Friedrich Rackwitz. Camera: Carla Muresan. Sound: Friedrich Rackwitz, Insa Langhorst. Editing: Anna Katshunga, Friedrich Rackwitz. Music: Cornelia Böhm. Production: Meku Film GmbH. Producer: Simon Baumann, Matthis Heinzmann. Length: 90 min. Distribution: Meku Film GmbH

#Politics and Society