Lebanon 2014 – Director: Ziad Kalthoum – Original language: Arabic – Subtitles: English

By day he is a sergeant in the Syrian army. After his military service he worked on the film set of his friend, Mohamed Malas. Both lives are dictated by bombings and war. In interviews and partly experimental images, Ziad Kalthoum captures what remains of normality.

English/Original Title: AL-RAKIB AL-KHALED. Writer: Ziad Kalthoum. Camera: Ziad Kalthoum. Sound: Nadime Mishlawi. Editing: Firas Jawad. Music: The silver MT zion, Bononbo. Production: Crystal Films. Producer: Firas Jawad, Marwan Ziadeh. Length: 75 min.

#Middle East #Festival in Exile: Syria