Algeria, France, Lebanon, Netherlands, Qatar 2015 – Director: Hassen Ferhani – Original language: Arabic – Subtitles: English

Probably the most beautiful film that has ever been filmed in an abbatoir. Francis Bacon meets Caravaggio. Algiers: the world of young and old butchers in their place of work during the football World Cup. A film about love, women and the question of a simple life.

English/Original Title: DANS MA TETE UN ROND-POINT. Writer: Hassen Ferhani. Camera: Hassen Ferhani. Sound: Djamel Kerkar. Editing: Narimane Mari, Hassen Ferhani, Myriam Acaguayer, Corentin Doucet. Production: Allers Retours Films. Producer: Narimane Mari, Olivier Boischot. Length: 100 min.

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