Wallis and Futuna 2015 – Director: Arbo Tammiksaar, Jaak Kilmi – Original language: Russian – Subtitles: English

Timber houses and lush fir trees, children in blissful delirium in the Siberian taiga. Captivatingly beautiful images reveal a paradise on earth – that is if it weren’t for the paens to a self-styled Jesus and a father who is trying to save his offspring from being brainwashed.

Writer: Arbo Tammiksaar, Jaak Kilmi. Camera: Arbo Tammiksaar, Jaak Kilmi. Sound: Markku Tiidumaa, Kaur Kask. Editing: Mirjam Jegorov. Music: Andre Pichen. Production: Film Tower. Producer: Margus Õunapuu. Length: 85 min.

#Lifestyles and Spirituality #Eastern Europe/Russia