Germany 2015 – Director: Simon Brückner – Original language: German

Simon Brückner (Hannover, 1978) studied cultural studies, European ethnology and sociology at Humboldt University in Berlin. He has worked for many different television and film production companies and, as a freelance writer, for Deutschlandfunk and SWR. Alongside his work as a filmmaker, he is a lecturer and a dramaturge.

English/Original Title: FROM THE SIDELINE. Writer: Simon Brückner, Sebastian Winkels. Camera: Isabelle Casez. Sound: Raimund von Scheibner. Editing: Sebastian Winkels. Production: credo:film GmbH. Producer: Susann Schimk. Length: 112 min. International Sales: credo:film GmbH. Distribution: n.n.

#Identity/Life Crisis #History/Religion