Germany 2011 – Director: Petra Gerschner, Michael Backmund – Original language: German – Subtitles: English

Martin Löwenberg – a Life against Fascism, Oppression and War (UT)
“Nazis out!” When this cry rings out on Munich’s streets, 86-year old Martin Löwenberg is among the demonstrators. The former concentration camp prisoner has dedicated his life to political campaigns. He protested against rearmament and also for the compensation of forced labourers and the right of abode for Roma. For him, humanity has always been more important than legality. The moral courage that he has shown in his lifetime has been publically acknowledged several times, for example with the Carl-von-Ossietzky Medal. With interviews and historical images, the film traces the story of the “nonpartisan communists” from Breslau to Munich. A subjective filmic journey through contemporary history. Andrea Naica-Loebell

English/Original Title: What Is not Legal Can still Be Legitimate.. Writer: Petra Gerschner und Michael Backmund. Camera: Petra Gerschner und Katrin Gebhardt-Seele. Sound: Katrin Gebhardt-Seele und Petra Gerschner. Editing: Katrin Gebhardt-Seele. Music: Konstantin Wecker. Production: Michael Backmund und Petra Gerschner. Producer: xxx. Length: 94 min. International Sales: lilis park