Switzerland 2010 – Director: Pascal Hofmann Benny Jaberg – Original language: French, German, Italian, Japanese

Daniel Schmid is by far the most renowned Swiss filmmaker. As a result of his untimely death in 2006 at the age of 65, his life’s work remains forever incomplete. Leading us through this portrait are memorable scenes from Schmidt’s films and interviews with significant colleagues who crossed the director’s path. The film follows him across the globe – to Berlin, Paris and Tokyo - and returns repeatedly to his home in the Grisons mountains, to which he was bounded by a strong love-hate relationship. This portrait from two Zurich film students, Benny Jaberg and Pascal Hofmann, approaches the auteur with respect and courage. Daniel Schmid himself could not have brought his life history to the screen with more virtuosity.

English/Original Title: Daniel Schmid. Writer: Pascal Hofmann, Benny Jaberg. Camera: Pascal Hofmann, Benny Jaberg, Filip Zumbrunn. Sound: Hans Künzi. Editing: Pascal Hofmann, Benny Jaberg, Catarina Mona. Music: Peter Scherer. Production: T&C Film Zürich. Producer: T&C Film Zürich. Length: 83 min. Distribution: Edition Salzgeber.