Switzerland 2020 – Director: Daniel Howald – Original language: English, German, Swiss German – Subtitles: English

Beaten by his father, ignored by his mother. He is not unique among his generation yet Martin is the son of the distinguished psychoanalyst and childhood researcher Alice Miller. An unsparing look at a family constellation.

We present the International Premiere of the film.

No youth rating

Writer: Daniel Howald, Annina Butterworth. Camera: Gabriel Sandru, Ramon Giger. Sound: Reto Stamm. Editing: Christof Schertenleib, Daniel Howald. Music: Raphael Benjamin Meyer. Production: SwissDok GmbH. Producer: Frank Matter. Length: 101 min. International Sales: filmdelights.


Daniel Howald

Howald studied philosophy, literature and ethnology. He then completed film training in Paris, Düsseldorf and at Focal Switzerland. Since 1997 he has worked as a radio and screenwriter and independent filmmaker. He is a board member of the ARF/FDS Swiss Filmmakers Association and Suissimage as well as a member of the European Film Academy.

Filmography (selection)

DAS LEBEN DREHEN, CH 2015 (production)
ANNA IN DER SCHWEIZ, CH 2014 (script, production)
THE SWISS - ALFRED ESCHER, CH 2012 (screenplay)
THE DEATH OF MY MOTHER, CH 2009 (director, co-directed by Ch. Millès)


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#Monstrously human: abysses and catastrophes #Behind the scenes: Family Stories

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