Burkina Faso, Germany 2019 – Director: Michel K. Zongo – Original language: French, Moor – Subtitles: English

In the great gold rush, the inhabitants of the Burkina Faso village of Kalsaka fell by the wayside. Their initial hopes, stoked by the government and multinational gold mining companies, give way to disappointment and disillusionment.

We present the international premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2019.

English/Original Title: PAS D'OR POUR KALSAKA. Writer: Michel K. Zongo. Camera: Michel K. Zongo. Sound: Momouni Jupiter Sodre. Editing: Momouni Jupiter Sodre, Francois Sculier. Music: Bastian Emig. Production: Diam Production. Producer: Michel K. Zongo. Length: 79 min.