Austria, Germany 2018 – Director: Michaela Taschek – Original language: English, German – Subtitles: English

Erich Taschek, the filmmaker’s father, died suddenly in the bathroom of a heart attack. Until then he had been living with his family in a self-built house. But his daughter claims that he had disappeared much earlier. 24 years ago he changed places with a doppelganger: a man that looked like him and yet was no longer him. An essay film that digs deep into the family album looking for clues.

Writer: Michaela Taschek. Camera: Michaela Taschek. Editing: Sandra Wollner. Music: Anna Kohlweis. Production: Michaela Taschek. Producer: Michaela Taschek. Length: 20 min. International Sales: sixpackfilm.

#Looking Back