Germany 2018 – Director: Dirk Heth, Olaf Winkler, Dirk Lienig – Original language: German – Subtitles: English

The town of Hoyerswerda is emblematic of the demise of the GDR. Everything that this town represented was swallowed up by the fall of communism. The people were left without any market worth. A citizens’ dance project helps them to live with the shame. A sensually choreographed, empathetic film.

English/Original Title: ONCE WE ARE DANCING. Writer: Olaf Winkler, Dirk Heth, Dirk Lienig. Camera: Dirk Heth. Sound: Karsten Höfer. Editing: Dirk Heth, Dirk Lienig. Music: Hanno Busch; Igor Strawinsky. Production: Contract 99 GbR. Producer: Dirk Heth, Olaf Winkler, Dirk Lienig. Length: 93 min. Distribution: Contract 99.

#Move it - music and dance