Germany, Italy 2017 – Director: Andreas Pichler – Original language: English, German, Italian – Subtitles: German

At the Haus der Solidarität in Brixen people with social problems from different backgrounds live together in an extraordinary community. A real-life social utopia with ups and downs, which risks being torn apart by a planned relocation.

The film will be screened with German subtitles.

English/Original Title: THE SIXTH CONTINENT. Writer: Andreas Pichler. Camera: Susanne Schüle, Martin Rattini. Sound: Stefano Bernardi. Editing: Nela Märki, Florian Miosge. Music: Jan Tilman Schade. Production: elemag pictures. Producer: Tanja Georgieva. Length: 84 min. Distribution: Realfiction

#Critics and Visionaries