Denmark, Finland 2017 – Director: Camilla Magid – Original language: English – Subtitles: English

Instead of prevention and rehabilitation, the American justice system is focussed on one thing above all: punishment. Three ex-prisoners can still sense this when they return to life on the outside. Only the Monday meetings at a Christian church give them hope. A sensitive film about the tough social reality in South Central Los Angeles.



Writer: Camilla Magid, Stine Fischer Christensen. Camera: Consuelo Althouse. Sound: Peter Albrechtsen. Editing: Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen. Music: Manoj Ramdas. Production: Final Cut for Real. Producer: Heidi Elise Christensen and Signe Byrge Sørensen. Length: 92 min. International Sales: DR Sales

#Who am I? #North America #Critics and Visionaries