CH 2010 – Director: Franziska Schlienger – Original language: swiss german


Suicide at the age of 38. DUNKELSCHWARZI AUGEN brings the words of the Swiss dialect poet, Paul Haller (1882-1920), back to life. Haller’s texts, letters and lyrics teach us about his life up until the point of his death. We hear the sober voice of a sensitive man for whom the burden of existence gradually became too much. A man who was forced to give up his great love and plunged into a deep depression. Therapy sessions with C.G. Jung did not bring the relief that was hoped for. Eventually Haller’s last resort was death. Today Haller is recognised as one of the great mavericks of Swiss literature, mentioned in the same breath as authors like Robert Walser.

English/Original Title: Dark Black Eyes. German title: Dunkelschwarze Augen. Writer: Franziska Schlienger. Camera: Camille Budin. Sound: Lobsang Tashi Sotrug. Editing: Franziska Schlienger. Music: Stephan Hunziker / Chommerbuebe. Production: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Producer: Hercli Bundi. Length: 51 min.


CH 2010 – Director: Lobsang Tashi Sotrug – Original language: tibetan, swiss german


“They tortured me because I wouldn’t tell them where my accomplices were. I didn’t have any.” For 32 years Takna Jigme Sangpo, known as ‘Tiger’s Nose,’ was imprisoned in a Chinese jail because of his belief in a free Tibet. Today the 80-year-old lives as a political refugee in Switzerland. “I come from a place where I have never been,” says the Tibetan filmmaker Lobsang Tashi Sotrug who was born in Switzerland. Both men - separated by 55 years and completely different lifestyles - engage in a personal investigation of memory and identity in their adopted Swiss homeland._It is the small intimate moments that make this film something special. A personal homage to Tibet and an extraordinary friendship between men.


English/Original Title: Tiger's Nose. Co-Director: -. Writer: Lobsang Tashi Sotrug. Camera: Lobsang Tashi Sotrug. Sound: Lobsang Tashi Sotrug. Editing: Tania Stöcklin. Music: Peter Bräker. Production: -. Producer: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Length: 52 min.

  • Tuesday
  • 16:30
  • Filmmuseum
  • Tibetan/Swiss German original with German subtitles