Deutschland 2010 – Director: Philip Vogt – Albanian with English subtitles

According to an Albanian adage, the Bajraktar is the “blood of his clan.” In the mountainous north of Albania these local tribal leaders were once respected as absolute figures of authority. Zef Sokoli presides at present over 11 tribes encompassing 7,000 people. He tries to act as a communicator and a mediator in violent local disputes but societal change is creeping into this most remote part of Albania. The three sons of the Bajraktar have moved to the city where there are jobs, prospects and modern laws. With sincere interest in its subject matter, but without false ingratiation, the film immerses itself in a foreign and increasingly fragile world.

Writer: Max Mönch, Philip Vogt. Camera: Gerd Breiter. Sound: Konstantin Kirilow. Editing: Philip Vogt. Music: Nikko Weidemann. Production: Polyeides Medienkontor München Berlin. Producer: Matthias Zuber. Length: 82 min.

  • Monday
  • 21:30
  • Carl-Amery-Saal, Gasteig