HFF and beyond - Part 1


Deutschland 2008 – Director: Carmen Té – various languages with German subtitles

Allam, Ismael, Moubarak and Dash, four young men in their early twenties, fled war and poverty and travelled illegally to Italy from the Sudan. They were full of hope and expectations of a better life until they realised the reality that faced them. Now they work on low pay as labourers and are treated like slaves. They live in tents with 300 other legal and illegal African immigrants near the village of Cassibile in Sicily, with no access to water and sanitary facilities. The local population don't like the 'intruders' but for the big landowners they are a godsend. Mafia-like structures are in place – their 'bosses' keep a percentage of their earnings and anyone who complains, won't be offered any more work. Trying to escape the degradation by fleeing to another European country is pointless – most who try to do so are picked up by the police and sent back to Italy. Still, more and more dinghies overcrowded with hopeful immigrants head for European shores. They are, as yet, unaware of the surprise that awaits them.

Award: "Boundless / Grenzenlos" - Medienpreis für kulturelle Vielfalt, 2007

English/Original Title: Escape To Nowhere. Writer: Carmen Té. Camera: Felix Raitz von Frentz. Sound: Alberto Padoan. Editing: Denize Galiao. Music: Pino de Vittorio. Production: HFF München. Producer: HFF München. Length: 52 min.


Deutschland 2007 – Director: August Pflugfelder – German with English subtitles

A red balloon gets caught in the branches of a tree in the Austrian Alps. Attached to it is a card offering good fortune to the person who finds it. Funnily enough the inhabitants of a small mountain farm in the area could do with a stroke of luck, especially Ferdinand, who is on the look out for a wife. He is 24 years old and when he is not working as a mechanic he is looking after his herd of sheep. But Ferdl is no hillbilly - instead of knitted sweaters he wears Metallica T-shirts. The only problem is that he just doesn't really have much to say to women: "If I told them what I did up here, they'd just laugh at me." Ferdinand grew up on the farm with his sister, Renate, and brother, Peter. Renate still lives there too and is also single. Peter, the intended heir to the farm, has turned his back on its traditional and arduous lifestyle and now lives in a village, with his beloved wife, child and car. Summer frost: the time of year when the sheep have been shorn and yet there is still snow in the valleys – a perfect metaphor for the tough but beautiful life of mountain-dwellers.

English/Original Title: Summer Frost. Writer: August Pflugfelder. Camera: Magdalena Hutter. Sound: August Pflugfelder. Editing: August Pflugfelder. Music: Sebastian R. Fischer. Production: Walker & Worm Film GbR. Producer: Philipp Worm. Length: 44 min. International Sales: Walker & Worm Film GbR Distribution: Walker & Worm Film München

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