Digital Marketing Strategies and Cases for Documentary Producers

This workshop is part of the Québec-Bavaria-training programme and is also open for accredited marketplace guests.

Valentina Neumann, Film Marketing Director at Alphapanda, breaks down best practices and opportunities for documentary film producers on how to raise awareness online using social media marketing. The workshop will include some recent cases of Alphapanda’s work for documentaries and space for Q&A.


This is an online event.

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  • Thursday
  • 15:00
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Valentina Neumann
Film Marketing (Alphapanda)

Valentina joined film marketing agency Alphapanda in 2015, where she is currently Film Marketing Director and acts as head of operations for all digital marketing campaigns. She is in charge of international institutional clients and oversees all campaigns for VOD platforms and digital releases. She is also a digital marketing expert for international trainings and talks for the film industry.